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Chemical Operator job in Anywhere

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Anywhere, California (CA) 20,000 - 40,000
Job Ref:  1372214270
Employer:  Log In or Register Here
Category:  Manufacturing
Job Type:  Full Time
Country:  United States
State:  California (CA)
City:  Anywhere
Salary and Benefits:  20,000 - 40,000
Our Site: Pure Filtration
Position Overview: Pure Filtration is a Portland Based private company that provides proprietary chemical processing to Cannabis Extraction Facilities. It is a brand-new process and technology that is in high demand. They are looking for a full-time Chemical Operator that will be performing the variety of functions integral to the fulfillment of Pure's contract with their clients. They are poised for furious growth due to the market demand on their services, provided by no other cannabis company in the world. They are looking for someone who can be trained quickly, would like to move up in role responsibility, and has the detailed and diligent mindset necessary for this high stakes position.
Essential Duties:
Overseeing extraction process and tending to the parameters on all equipment used for extraction to ensure the efficiency of the extraction is optimized.
Keep records all analytical data within each step of the operations process and input the data
Documenting all products coming from through the chemical process, inventory, and supplies record keeping
Organize and store all products according to safety and company standards.
Cleans, assembles, disassembles, and replaces equipment as required.
Keeps supervisor advised of work status, workload, problems, and progress as related to work assignments.
Assist in relevant chemical processing tasks including, but not limited to, cannabinoid and terpene extraction, winterization, purging oils, concentrate production, vape oil refining, and production of whole plant Cannabis oil (WPCO), and oil and ETOH reclamation.
Understanding of OSHA guidelines for workplace safety and hazardous chemicals.
Build and maintain working relationships with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) of equipment
Working collectively and respectfully with other team members.
Physical Demands and Working Conditions:
Position is full-time and on site in Van Nuys, California
Moderate physical demand; may include carrying empty and loaded extraction columns and cartridges. Up to 50lbs
Qualifications and Experience:
1. Have bachelors of science in a science field preferably chemistry or biochemistry
2. Basic knowledge of lab procedures including chromatography.
3. Expertise in subcritical and supercritical CO2 extraction methods as well as the purification, separation and isolation of various compounds of cannabis;
4. Hands on laboratory experience with decarboxylation, winterization and short path distillation/fractional distillation;
5. Must have a strong work ethic and ability to work well on a team.
6. Must be able to keep confidentiality and proprietary information secure
7. Ability to lift 50 pounds.
8. Ability to stand for a full, eight-hour shift.
9. Must have a reliable form of transportation.
10. Must be authorized to work in the US
11. Must be able to pass a background check as required by OAR 333-008-1710 through OAR 333-008-1800
Required experience in years:
• Laboratory Chemical Processing: 2 years
• Refining oil: 1 year
• Tending to solvent extraction equipment: 1 year
• Writes and optimizes SOP: 1 year
ref: (1372214270)
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