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CSA (Budtender) job in Denver

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Colorado (CO), Denver Hourly Rate
Job Ref:  1837950616
Employer:  Log In or Register Here
Category:  Sales
Job Type:  Part Time
Country:  United States
State:  Colorado (CO)
City:  Denver
Salary and Benefits:  Hourly Rate
Our Site: Generation Health

CSA Job Responsibilities:
Must be consistently productive. Maintains and cleans work area before and after starting any task. Must maintain personal hygiene. Must wear gloves at all times when dealing with product. Must maintain a positive attitude.
CSA Job Duties:
• Assists customers with purchases of cannabis and other cannabis infused products.
• Suggests products for individual needs of the customer.
• Maintains upbeat and positive attitude towards customers and staff alike.
• Listens to customer feedback, and reports accordingly to management.
• Maintains current product knowledge, and general industry knowledge.
• Insures customer satisfaction upon every purchase
• Prepares pre-rolled joints and cones with accuracy and efficiency.
• Prepares cannabis to be sold into individual unit packages (ex. Grams, 1/8ths).
• Maintains cleanliness of the general work area including but not limited to, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping/mopping floors, and taking out trash.
• Maintains personal cleanliness.
• Maintains inventory of needed packaging supplies.
• Keeps weighting equipment operating by following operating instructions. Maintains safe and healthy work environment by following organization standards and sanitation regulations.
• Improves quality results by constantly increasing personal standards, and increasing units/hour produced.
• Maintains a productivity log of daily tasks accomplished.
• Has consistent transportation and shows up to work on time.
• MED Support Badge REQUIRED
• 11/hr + Daily Tips.
• Weekends ONLY Friday-Sunday
Packager Skills and Qualifications:
Listening, Verbal Communication, Focus, and Basic Safety. Must be action oriented, detail oriented, punctual, and positive.
ref: (1837950616)
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